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Integrate your mod

Custom Mobs on the map (mob radar)

  • Be sure your EntityCreatures implement at least one of these Minecraft core interfaces: IAnimal, IMob, INpc, or IWaterMob.
  • If you want to provide your own mob icons, see Custom Mob Icon Sets.
  • EntityCreatures with a hostile target will be shown as hostile.
  • EntityCreatures set invisible (sneaking) will be hidden on the radar.

Create waypoint suggestions in chat

Players can add waypoints by clicking on specially-formatted text in chat. (Handy for giving quests, welcome messages, etc.)

For example:

NPC says: "Here's where I buried my loot:" [name:"treasure", x:1212, y:70, z:456, dim:0]

The chat text itself is not changed, but is turned into a link for players with JourneyMap. Hover text shows it can be clicked to create a waypoint, or shift-clicked to show on the full screen map.


''name'' and ''dim'' are optional. If ''dim'' is omitted, the dimension of the player is assumed.

Display custom shapes, text, or waypoints on the map

There is a JourneyMap API (for Minecraft 1.9.4 and later versions) which gives you the ability to manage custom waypoints and add overlays on the minimap, fullscreen map, or webmap.

When in doubt, talk to us!

Get in touch with the JourneyMap @Developers team on the public JourneyMap Discord server.