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Webmap Settings

The webmap is an entirely different way to view your map - in a web browser instead of from directly within Minecraft. This allows you to have a map view visible on another screen, or even another device!



There are a lot of settings in this category that don’t do anything at the moment. Instead, the webmap is configured using its own interface - see the webmap page for more information on this.

Because of this, only the settings that actually do anything are documented below.


By default, none of the following toggle settings are enabled. You will need to enable the webmap before you can use it.

Toggle Description
Enable Web Map Whether the webmap should be enabled and accessible


While there is an input to provide a port for the webmap to use, it is currently ignored. JourneyMap will attempt to use port 8080 by default - if that isn’t available, it’ll attempt to find a port that is.

The correct port is always shown in chat when the webmap is enabled.