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JourneyMap can be found on CurseForge and Modrinth. These are the only legitimate places to download it from - if you see it on another website then please avoid downloading it from there. Copies of JourneyMap obtained from unofficial sources may be old, broken or contain viruses, and they break our license.

Video Guide

If you prefer a video guide, the below video will show you how to install Forge for the official Minecraft launcher. You can apply these instructions to any version of Minecraft - not just Minecraft 1.15.2.

This video is by The Breakdown.

Textual Guide

If you prefer a more complete guide you can read and follow along with at your own pace, then you can follow these instructions:

  1. Decide how you’re going to work with Minecraft. Some options include (from easiest to hardest):

    We recommend MultiMC for ease of use, but any launcher will work just fine.

  2. Ensure that you have a copy of Java installed. If not, you can download a copy from the Adoptium website.

  3. Install Forge. You should always use the recommended version of Forge for your version of Minecraft. You can also check the changelog for the version of JourneyMap you’re downloading if you’d like to see what version of Forge we’ve used.

    • If you’re using the official Minecraft launcher, you can follow this guide from...
    • If you’re using MultiMC, create a new instance for the Minecraft version you wish to use. Edit that instance, select Version on the left, and then click on Install Forge on the right, and select the version you want to use.
    • If you're using the CurseForge Launcher, click on Mods at the top and select Minecraft, and create a new profile with the version of Minecraft you want.
  4. Go to the files page on CurseForge and download the latest version of JourneyMap for your version of Minecraft.

    • If you’re using the CurseForge Launcher, then you can click on the Install button next to the version you’d like to use and it’ll be installed for you. Otherwise, click the download button and wait for the JAR to finish downloading.
    • If you’re using MultiMC, edit the instance you’re using, select Loader mods on the left, and then drag-and-drop the JAR you downloaded into the list on the right.
    • If you’re using the official Minecraft launcher, find the mods folder for your Forge profile and copy the JAR you downloaded into it.

    If no download is available for your version of Minecraft, then we haven’t released one yet! Please have patience - JourneyMap is a large, complicated mod and it takes a long time for us to port it to new versions of Minecraft.

  5. That’s everything, you’re done - launch the game and JourneyMap should be available!