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This page shows all the changelogs from JourneyMap 5.9.0 to 5.9.24 which is the latest version of JourneyMap so far.

JourneyMap 5.9.24

  • Fixed: unintentional bug that prevent map updates with the performance release effecting some, but not all versions released.

JourneyMap 5.9.23

  • Fixed: Changed the performance update to be even better.
  • Fixed: Version numbers that had p1 which was breaking for fabric mods that depended on journeymap.

JourneyMap 5.9.22

  • Fixed: Minimap rotation causing the screen hud to rotate, this fix also fixes some other weird issues with minimap.
  • Fixed: Added a 3s delay to deathpoint creation.

JourneyMap 5.9.21

  • Fixed: [ModCompat] ViveCraft key bindings.
  • Fixed: Minimap rendering logic bug.
  • Fixed: Removed some unnecessary class allocations that can have a severe impact on performance.

JourneyMap 5.9.20

  • Fixed: Waypoint Manager and Options Screen scrolling. (another fix)

JourneyMap 5.9.19

  • Fixed: Minimap Position Screen.
  • Fixed: Options Screen scrolling and position.

JourneyMap 5.9.18

  • Fixed: Minimap Position Screen.
  • Fixed: Options Screen scrolling and position.

JourneyMap 5.9.17

  • Fixed: Addressed some mod interaction issues.
  • Support for 1.20.3 and 1.20.4

JourneyMap 5.9.16

  • Fixed: [Fabric] Screen Layering breaking fabric onclose event.
  • Fixed: Sending packets while client is not ready.

JourneyMap 5.9.15

  • Fixed: Fullscreen map issues on Mac Retina displays.
  • Fixed: Server disconnect when packet is sent too early.
  • Fixed: Disabling Day/Night cycle prevents radar updates.

JourneyMap 5.9.14

  • Fixed: Discord chat bot mod compatibility issue.
  • Fixed: Rare minimap texture failure.
  • Fixed: Info Slot tooltip not getting translated.
  • Support for NeoForge and 1.20.2

JourneyMap 5.9.13

  • Fixed: [Fabric] Waypoint icons not displaying through some objects.
  • Fixed: Old waypoint migration issues.
  • Fixed: AutoMap breaking if a malformed region file is found.
  • Fixed: Tamed horses not getting colored correctly on map.
  • Fixed: Stained Glass block and pane transparency.
  • Langs: Added Italian and Taiwan and updated Korean language files.

JourneyMap 5.9.12

  • Fixed: Waypoint command from console.
  • Fixed: Block 0,0,0 preventing map opening.
  • Fixed: Fullscreen not following correctly when moving from cave to overworld.
  • Fixed: Some global server properties not working in dimensions.

JourneyMap 5.9.11

  • Fixed: [Fabric] Weird rendering issus when waypoints are showing.
  • Fixed: Mouse keybinds work for in-game actions.

JourneyMap 5.9.10

  • Fixed: Oculus compatibility issue with waypoint icons.

JourneyMap 5.9.9

  • Fixed: Polygons moving when on follow mode.
  • Fixed: Options screen going weird on minimap preview.
  • Fixed: Multiworld option not working correctly in some instances.
  • Fixed: Creating waypoint from fullscreen context ignores first key.

JourneyMap 5.9.8

  • Fixed: [Fabric] Fixed issue with right click in recipe window.
  • Fixed: Textbox fields are once again selectable with mouse.
  • Fixed: [Forge] Waypoint distance not updating past 128m.

JourneyMap 5.9.7

  • Fixed: [Quilt] Quilt loader 0.18+ webmap fixes.
  • Fixed: API Markers text offsets.
  • Fixed: Fake player skin timeout issue.
  • Fixed: Default water coloring if mods mess with it.
  • Updated to 1.20

JourneyMap 5.9.6

  • Fixed: [Fabric] Waypoint chatting disconnecting from server.
  • Fixed: Potential issue with fake players breaking getting player heads.

JourneyMap 5.9.5

  • Added: Support for Cobblemon resource pack icons. use entity_icon instead of pokemon in the path.
  • Updated: Cleaned up lang jsons.
  • Fixed: Cave and Surface Render distance sliders.

JourneyMap 5.9.4

  • Updated: Long dimension names over 25 characters are compressed.
  • Mod Compat: ChinjufuMod leaves not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed: MapSaver rendering weird blank images.
  • Fixed: Slopes at 0 and below.

JourneyMap 5.9.3

  • Fixed: Mod Villager texture exception.
  • Fixed: Client Render range larger than Server causing chunks to render black.
  • ModCompat: [Fabric] VulkanMod

JourneyMap 5.9.2

  • Mod Compat: Create Mod Curved Rails not rendering and Railway Casing color.
  • Fixed: Crash when api removes non polygons.
  • Fixed: Possible rare crash when creating a new UIState fails.
  • Fixed: Bed block rendering.

JourneyMap 5.9.1

  • Fixed: Options not displaying tooltips.
  • Fixed: Logs displaying what is under them in caves.
  • Fixed: More tree and plants added to topo ignore.
  • Fixed: Bad chunks breaking cave mapping.

JourneyMap 5.9.0

  • Updated: [Fabric] File extraction to support the new "quilt.mfs" file protocol for quilt loader 0.18.1.
  • Updated: [Fabric] Fabric loader version backed off to 0.14.10 since 0.14.11 prevented Quilt users from using JM.
  • Updated: Webmap now extracts web-content from the jar and places it in the journeymap folder.
  • Fixed: Corrupt chunk cache causing mapping failures.
  • Fixed: EntityIcons set via EntityRadarUpdateEvent not displaying in webmap.
  • Fixed: Tree shadows showing up on topo map.
  • Fixed: Automap lighting issues.
  • Fixed: Entity names not showing on minimap when heading is changed.
  • Fixed: Possible NPE in waypoint manager.
  • Fixed: Hopefully fixed compatibility issues for later versions of Immersive Portals.
  • Fixed: [1.19.x]: Frog icons
  • Fixed: Some logOnce loggers having a throwable when shouldn't.
  • Fixed: OptionScreens scrolling bounds.

JourneyMap 5.9.0 Beta 5

  • Fixed: UI screens failing due to AbstractMethod errors.
  • Fixed: Random textures showing up on empty/blank tiles.

JourneyMap 5.9.0 Beta 4

  • Added: [1.19.3] Missing entity icons.(Sandriell)
  • Fixed: Waypoint Hide Key not saving waypoint's "enabled" field.
  • Fixed: Memory leak when using vanilla mechanics to deserialize chunks for automapping.
  • Fixed: Mod-Compat with BBOR
  • Fixed: Mod flower colors
  • Fixed: Polygon text no longer displays outside of the minimap.
  • Fixed: Deathpoint creation when immediate respawn rule is set.

JourneyMap 5.9.0 Beta 3

  • Added: Clear Unlit Caves, unlit and inner slice blocks are rendered clear instead of black. Default: False
  • Updated: Icon handling for mods that use a path like twilight forest.
  • Updated: languages
  • Updated: Rendering cleanup.
  • Fixed: Fullscreen cave layer slider for worlds with larger than vanilla logical heights.
  • Fixed: Mod compat with REI. [Forge]
  • Fixed: Slopes below y0.
  • Fixed: Custom waypoint tp commands without slash. [1.19.1/2]
  • Fixed: Possible class cast exception with waypoint groups via api.

JourneyMap 5.9.0 Beta 2

  • Updated: [Fabric] CurseForge Fabric releases to include Quilt Tag.
  • Fixed: [Fabric] Download Url Error
  • Fixed: Unknown mobs causing screen render issues.
  • Fixed: Minimap performance issues when addons draw many polygons on the map
  • Fixed: [Fabric] Sending packets if Journeymap is not on the remote side.
  • Fixed: Forge 1.19.x Prevent server and client sending packets if the mod is not on the other side. (Requires Minimum Forge Version 1.19.1-42.0.8)
  • Fixed: Forge 1.18.2 Prevent server and client sending packets if the mod is not on the other side. (Requires Minimum Forge Version 1.18.2-40.1.70)

JourneyMap 5.9.0 Beta 1

  • Uses journeymap-api version 1.9. NEW: Texture Engine, no longer using buffered images.
  • Added: Missing playing panda icon.
  • Changed: Waypoint command takes a player, list of players, or @a for all players. It is now required to supply players, announce is still optional.
  • Updated: VersionCheck to use java-http-client.
  • Fixed: Vertical region grid line not displaying.
  • Fixed: Log Spam if biome is null in caves.
  • Fixed: ModCompat: Amecs
  • Fixed: API multiple show's and removes not displaying overlays.
  • Fixed: Automap stopping weirdness.
  • Fixed: Textures when shader beacon is enabled but beacons are disabled.
  • Fixed: Changing advanced Options causing purist theme to break.
  • Fixed: Fabric: Display Update event for api usage.
  • Fixed: Fabric: Resizing when layers are displayed.