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Waypoint Settings

This category allows you to change some settings relating to how waypoints behave and are displayed. Waypoints also have a number of individual settings - you can find out about those on the waypoints page.



The bold toggle settings below are enabled by default.

Toggle Description
Enable Waypoint Manager Enable the waypoint manager - you can disable this if you use another
mod to manage waypoints
Create Deathpoints Whether death waypoints should be created when you die
Disable Strikethrough text Disables the strike through of the waypoint text
Display Death Waypoint Label
on map overlay
Whether to show the name for death waypoints on your minimap and
full-screen map
Double click to create Double clicking on the fullscreen map will create a waypoint at the location
Show Deviation Show the vector deviation between player and waypoint
Waypoint Manager Open in Current Dimension Opens the waypoint manager in the current dimension

Other Settings

The default option for each setting below is marked with bold text.

Setting Options Description
Custom Waypoint Teleport Command Text input: /tp {name} {x} {y} {z} The teleport command that should be used when you teleport to a waypoint, using the following placeholders:
  • {name}: Your player name
  • {dim}: The target dimension
  • {x}: The waypoint's X coordinate
  • {y}: The waypoint's Y coordinate
  • {z}: The waypoint's Z coordinate
This setting is ignored in single player or if JourneyMap is installed on a server; teleportation happens without a command in that case.
Death Date Format
  • MM-dd-yyyy
  • MM-dd-yy
  • dd-MM-yyyy
  • dd-MM-yy
  • yyyy-MM-dd
  • yy-MM-dd
The text format of the date of death, as shown in the death waypoint label
  • dd: Day
  • MM: Month
  • yy: Year (2 digits)
  • yyyy: Year (4 digits)
Death Time Format
  • HH:mm:ss
  • H:mm:ss
  • HH:mm
  • H:mm
  • hh:mm:ss a
  • h:mm:ss a
  • hh:mm:ss
  • h:mm:ss
  • h:mm a
  • h:mm a
  • hh:mm
  • h:mm
The text format of the time of death, as shown in the death waypoint label